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If you suffer from anxiety you are not alone. It is now believed that 9 million people in the UK will suffer a serious form of anxiety during their lifetime. The nature of anxiety can range from excessive worry about everyday things to a constant feeling of dread. Physical symptoms include muscle tension, sweating, nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort or diarrhoea.

Anxiety can disturb sleep, weaken the immune system and impair mental faculty. The condition should not be left untreated because of a risk that it degenerates to more serious forms of anxiety and depression.

Anxiety, like stress, is a response pattern that results from part of our genetic make-up. Commonly called the fight/flight response, it is activated when we perceive we are in danger, or if we expect that something dangerous may be about to happen. This was useful to primitive man to prepare him for attacks from predators and rival tribes. Today, the response misinterprets the constant bombardment of stressful situations and the cumulative result of this is anxiety.

Hypnotherapy works to resolve anxiety on a number of levels:

1. You will gain a thorough understanding as to why you suffer from anxiety and what you can do about it

2. You will learn how to be more relaxed, both generally and in response to events that previously made things worse

3. You will see things from a fresh perspective, whether they are events and responses from the past or thoughts about things that haven’t happened yet

The experience of trance is in itself a natural form of profound relaxation


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