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You may already know how to get better…
Logically, you may well know what actions or changes in attitudes will resolve your problem. You know that being overweight can be resolved by eating different foods and exercising more. You know that stress, depression and anxiety respond well to relaxation, positive attitudes and social activities. If you smoke, you know that you can give up by not smoking cigarettes. All these ‘solutions’ are widely expounded in self-help books and the media, or in the advice of friends and relatives.

…but you can’t change by conscious will alone…
The issue is that your problem does not exist in your conscious, logical mind and so it cannot be controlled consciously. In fact, most irrational or overly emotional behaviour arises from the subconscious part of our minds and originates from either inappropriate, instinctive behaviour patterns or faulty programming that we learnt as a child. For example, people with anxiety or phobias display the instinctive characteristics of our fight-flight response which increases their heart-rate and makes them hyperventilate and feel sick. Alternatively, conditioning in childhood may mean that we have an underlying belief that sweet foods are a source of comfort or reward. We may also have negative thought patterns that were copied from a depressed parent.

…change needs to be driven by your subconscious.
These subconscious patterns of behaviour lie in the part of our minds that responds to images rather than words, emotions rather than logic. Once programmed, it’s very difficult to change these patterns, partly because conscious attempts rely on logic, a language the subconscious just doesn’t understand. In order to change we need to bypass logic and communicate to our subconscious in its own language. Of course intellectual control also plays a large part in resolving your problem. But this needs to be unencumbered by inappropriate, subconscious responses.

"Research shows that there is more evidence for Hypnotherapy than any other Complementary Therapy..., by using hypnosis people can perform prodigious feats of will power and self healing".

The Health Education Authority

Hypnosis provides the means...
Hypnosis is a natural method of altering your state of mind so that your subconscious programming can be accessed and new insights and understandings can be formed.

...but it's not just hypnosis…
Hypn vely. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis combined with behavioural and cognitive therapies and it is this combination that helps you gain fresh attitudes and new ways of thinking about things. In effect you are given the opportunity to reassess any faulty programming that you may have received in childhood, and change any beliefs or behaviours driven by primitive instincts.

The treatment is tailored to your circumstances…
A programme of therapy is designed according to your preferences, your personality and your needs. The length of treatments might range from three sessions for a clear-cut phobia to perhaps 10, hour-long sessions for someone who is clinically depressed. The use of relaxation and self-hypnosis tapes is an integral part of the course. Each session costs £75.00

…but this information is insufficient.
I would recommend a free, introductory consultation to discuss in detail what the programme will entail, what changes to expect, and to ensure that this is right for you. This will be unnecessary for anti-smoking therapy, which is straightforward and can be dealt with in just one double session.
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